This section is dedicated to preserving funny/cool videos.
while they might be/get taken down on youtube, or youtube permanently dies in the future, they'll live on here.
Over 50+ videos! Hope you enjoy!

1.Zombies Time Bomb Troll On Black Ops II Buried

2.Big Smokes Order On GTA SA

3.Creeper, AW MANN lol

4.Funny Meme (you also might recognize this one)

5.You might recognize this one

6.Dank Memes

7.Want some Earrape?

8.Want some more Earrape?

9.Funny Spongebob Moments

10.AANNND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA (old, about 8 ish years old)

11.Krusty Krab Vine Remix

12.Let it grow but it gets bass boosted with every "grow"

13.Let it grow but its iDubbbz

14.National Anthem Of USSR

15.Extreme Earrape (Nooks Cranny) *This was originally given from my friend*

16.Same Nooks Cranny BUT 16x the normal Earrape!

17.Old Town Road

18.This is the oldest video i've had on the website (Pumped Up kicks School Edition)

19.Squidward Funny Moments

20.Stranger Things On Crack

21.Pink Panther (The Pink Blue Print) *A video an old teacher i had that played*

22.Another Video an old teacher that i had that played this

23.Worlds Loudest Earrape (not really)

24.Worlds loudest Earrape (Much better then the first)

25.Wii Shop Channel Music (too bad the wii shop is dead now)

26.Your Welcome but i want to die (Moana)

27.San Andreas Logic

28.San Andreas Police Retardment

29.National Anthem Of USSR V2

30.Old Town Road V2

31.Wii Shop Channel Music V2

- Past this point all videos will be 1080p or higher for the most part -

32.When Rust Plays You

33.Fat Cry 5

34.Far Cry New Da- OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD

35.Far Cry 5 CO-OP is OK

36.Llamas with Hats 1-12: The Complete Series

37.The Beauty Of a Zerg.

38.Annoying The Biggest Clan Compound In Rust

39.Random Far Cry 3 Bullshittery

40.Benson, but mad

41.How Bad Can I Be, but it's iDubbbz

42.Thomas The Dank Engine

43.Birds at 5AM

44.Realistic Rust Trailer

44.Comedy CPR

45.SpongeBob - Hi, how are ya (EARRAPE)

46.sam o nella out of context

46.Nope Ropes, Sneks, & Danger Noodles


47.ASIAN CREEPER Aw Man Revenge (Asian PARODY)

48.Barnyard Boy Tipping EARRAPE

49.Funniest shit ever


50.The worst Minecraft images you'll ever see. Again.

51.Terrible Minecraft Jokes


53.sandy hooks

53.PPAP but every time he says pen it gets bass boosted

53.Very cool

54.I made some really bad Minecraft Jokes...

55.How to overclock your oven with an RTX 3090

56.Great jacket! Where can I get one?

57.Birb plays Peekaboo with his own feather

58.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (Official Video)

59.Dandelion (Full Song)

More Awesome/Funny Videos Coming in the Future!

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