Update 1.4.610-
I've Added the whats new page!
I may add the ability for people to leave comments in the future with accounts and everything! that may be a bit much though...
You are able to see the Website Version at the bottom of the Home Page
I added a backup page incase i upload the wrong file or something.

Update 1.4.650- 1/10/19
I've decided to add something since it's been a while since i added anything to the page
I added 3 new but funny photos. because, why not?
Also just so you know why, i don't put certain photos on the page because it may cause you to get mad, it may be racially discriminate
or other things, or i just don't want to share it. i got my reasons.
I've also added stuff to the about me page. check that out to learn something new about me, or not. Your choice.

Update 1.5.100- 1/11/19
I've added the function page. Setup like the Memes page but for Minecraft.

Update 1.5.1012- 1/22/19
This update was just to fix the update page as it was really messed up and didn't display correctly...
I have opened the contact me page but my email isn't on there yet.

Update 1.5.1013- 2/28/19
I decided to add a few new pictures that are funny

Update 1.5.1315- 3/9/19
Added new pictures to the memes page and added a second page to the memes page
I will be adding a game page so you can download the game and play it, it will be "school" compatible and i'll link the original source

Update 1.5.1330- 3/26/19
Added 5 new memes that you should recognize, if you don't, you must not go on youtube or other platforms.

Update 1.7.0010- 4/3/19
Redesigned the website to make it a bit more appealing.
I also added the website version on every page now. Nothing much else.

Update 1.7.0025- 4/22/19
Reorganized the back end of the server.
Also the memes page is redesigned a little, thats all.

Update 1.7.0035- 7/11/19
I am officially saying after 2 months of work, i got my other Website fully working!
you can see it here.
i also added more stuff to the about me page.

Update 1.7.0038- 8/8/19
I've addded something very small. i've added the website icon! (only mainly for my secondary website)

Update 1.7.0039- 8/17/19
I added a different error 404 page, also added another meme

Update 1.7.0045- 9/29/19
I've added a few new memes again

Update 1.7.100- 10/3/19
I've made the downloads section that i've had for a while now visible
I've also added the videos section! Go there to watch some funny videos (Not made from me)

Update 1.7.850- 12/3/19
I've added a few new memes to the memes section, go look at them and take a laugh!
I've also updated the home page a bit to show that I've had my website for a year!
One Final thing is that I've come out with three songs that i made better, go under the videos to see it!

Update 1.7.900- 12/7/19
I've added the mixer page so if you want you can go on there instead of going on the
mixer website. i might be adding a streams.html section in the future so
you can watch any of my streams when ever you want.

Update 1.8.050- 6/17/20
I've relocated the website to now be on amazon aws and
I've readded the website icon. I've also added a few videos and im
currently getting videos to load on discord (discord only loads the preview of the video sadly, nothing else)
I've added and finally support my streams on here!

Update 1.8.390- 12/17/20
Since mixer died a while back and its been a super long while since the last update, i have changed the mixer link to my other twitch account.
I also added a link to a resource pack for my friends who both play amorous and minecraft (on pc) where it changes
all creative, menu, and record music in-game into recognizable amorous music
I added a bunch of new memes just to look at, which meant i had to add third page. so yeah.

Update 1.8.4- 11/1/23
Another long time since the last update eh? yes.
The domain now shows up in the URL!
I added support for https on the website!! Videos now load on discord/other websites and you can actually watch them too!!
also a good while ago i switched the domain from google domains to cloudflare due to google shutting down its domain service for some reason
i also updated the about me section. and fixed a few download links too
added 13 new videos! hope you enjoy!

More coming soon!

Site Version 1.8.4